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  1. Place Calls from Contacts Call History - LG G4 User Guide the Contacts tab to display the Contacts list. Tap a contact. Tap Call call from
    logs icon next to the number you want to call. To end the call, tap in call end ...
  2. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 User Guide - Sprint from Logs. 37. Call from ... Logs. 48. Access Call Settings. 49. Contacts. 50.
    Get Started with Contacts. 50 ...... to your results, and view your search history.
  3. Kyocera DuraXT User Guide – Sprint Support a Direct Connect Call From History. 40. Make a Direct ...... When an
    incoming call is not answered, your screen displays the Missed Call log. Press to
  4. Samsung Galaxy S III User Guide [PDF] Phone Calls. 25. Call Using the Keypad. 25. Call from Logs. 25. Call from
    Contacts. 26. Call a Number in a Text Message. 26. Call a Number in an Email ...
  5. Motorola Moto G User Guide - Sprint your photos, music, text and call history, photos, contacts and more from
    ... n Microphone transmits your voice for phone calls or records your voice or ...
  6. Call Logs - LG G3 User Guide Call Logs tab of the phone application lists all recent incoming, outgoing,
    and missed calls.
  7. Get your text message usage details 7, 2016 ... Thank you for submitting a request for text records. Complete and notarized
    requests will be processed within 10 business days of receipt.
  8. FAQs about HD Voice from Sprint 27, 2014 ... HD Voice is a new Sprint standard for crystal clear voice calls that virtually
    eliminates background noise. HD Voice provides a fuller, more ...
  9. Manage call history on your HTC One A9 13, 2016 ... Steps to manage call history on your HTC One A9. Access CALL HISTORY
    functions: From the home screen, tap the Phone icon. Swipe to ...
  10. LG G3 User Guide - Sprint Options. 51. Caller ID. 52. Call Waiting. 53. 3-way Calling. 53. Call
    Forwarding. 54. Set Up Speed Dialing. 54. Call Logs. 55. Save a Phone Number.

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