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  1. Learn more about Picture Mail Decommissioning 24, 2014 ... Picture Mail was a service that was offered when smartphones and their
    capabilities were not available. ... The Picture Mail platform has become obsolete
    , and Sprint has ... Picture Mail will not be available after April 30, 2014.
  2. Picture Mail - Sprint Service Details, From what I hear the problem does not appear to be with your
    phone as you are able to receive pictures from that one person and have no i .
  3. Sprint Community: Picture Mail on the picture mail account was a decision that Sprint made and
    unfortunately do not have more information about this. As for us ...
  4. Sprint | Picture and Video Mail Service Terms of Use MailSM and Video Mail service - including access to and use of the
    services at or related sites - is provided to you by
    Sprint ...
  5. Sprint Services - Multimedia messaging images to photo and social networking sites. Coverage not ... Multimedia
    texting and picture and video mail are included in many of our data plans.
  6. Sprint Community: Sprint Discontinuing Sprint Picture Mail just got a text from Sprint on my less and less "featured" phone saying they are
    discontinuing Sprint Picture Mail 4/30/14. Is this happening on ...
  7. Block or allow picture and video messaging via My Sprint 30, 2010 ... To block pictures and videos, you must have a valid My Sprint ... you will see a
    message showing your current picture and video settings.
  8. Sprint Community: Sprint Discontinuing Sprint Picture Mail stands for Multimedia Messaging Service and is NOT to be mistaken for
    Picture Mail. The HTC Touch Pro 2 (and I repeat) has MMS ...
  9. Sprint Community: Sprint PCS Picture Mail have heard that all picture mail sent and received to a certain phone can be
    viewed online, is this true? and is if it is how would I view that ...
  10. Find Help for Your Cell Phone: Sprint Support my saved cart · Track my order · Check rebate status · Send a text message ·
    See web offers · Get an employee discount; Order by phone 1 866 866-7509 ...

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