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  1. Learn more about Picture Mail Decommissioning 24, 2014 ... Picture Mail was a service that was offered when smartphones and their
    capabilities were not available. ... The Picture Mail platform has become obsolete
    , and Sprint has ... Picture Mail will not be available after April 30, 2014.
  2. Picture Mail - Sprint Service Details
  3. Sprint | Picture and Video Mail Service Terms of Use MailSM and Video Mail service - including access to and use of the
    services at or related sites - is provided to you by
    Sprint ...
  4. Sprint Services - Multimedia messaging to get it. Multimedia messaging. Multimedia texting and picture and video
    mail are included in many of our data plans. Chat to add Multimedia Messaging.
  5. Block or allow picture and video messaging via My Sprint 13, 2015 ... To block pictures and videos, you must have a valid My Sprint ... you will see a
    message showing your current picture and video settings.
  6. Multimedia Messaging full-color pictures and videos; Personalize pictures and videos; Create
    groups for easy photo- ... Block or allow picture and video messaging via My
  7. Sprint Community: Messaging: Picture Mail Online Storage to be ... 31, 2012 ... Preserve your stored memories – take action today. If you've ever sent or
    received pictures or videos on your Sprint phone, they may be stored ...
  8. Sprint Business - Sprint PCS Picture Mail(SM) PCS Picture Mail(SM). Below are some related resources for you to
    choose from. Back to Wireless Phone Support ...
  9. Find Help for Your Cell Phone: Sprint Support my saved cart · Track my order · Check rebate status · Send a text message ·
    See web offers · Get an employee discount; Order by phone 1 866 866-7509 ...
  10. Access a Sprint Picture Mail Album 22, 2009 ... Congratulations on your new phone! Our newly expanded Ready Now program
    helps you get up and running as you learn how to unleash the ...

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