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  1. Sprint Web Texter and receive text messages from your computer with Sprint Web Texter
    powered by Zipwhip.
  2. Sprint Community: Web Texter Plus 2013 7:11 PM. Currently Being Moderated. after installing web texter plus will
    all text messages be seen from any incoming text? 3711 Views ...
  3. Sprint Community: how can i use the web texter?? Web Texter is a third party text messaging utility available on It
    is powered by ZipWhip and allows users to send, receive and ...
  4. Sprint Community: Web Texter texter allows you to send & receive sms messages to other people though
    our webpage, it's compatible with all phones. You're allowed to ...
  5. Sprint Community: Sprint web texter, Try this site and access your first to use web texter:
    /1qjxvto. Let me know if it works for you. *Audrey Sprint Social ...
  6. Sprint Community: Web Texter Plus and Iphone 4s & 5 you have a Mac, iMessage is probably a better solution, but then I've never
    used Web Texter Plus (maybe it archives texts and stuff, I don't ...
  7. Sprint Web Texter Not Working Posting Old Messages Web Texter Not Working Posting Old Messages ... My Webtexter stopped
    working , thenn it posting old messages for today not it not ...
  8. Sprint Community: Issues with loging into Sprint Web Texter some reason I can't seem to log into the Sprint web texter plus ... password
    are correct so it has to be something wrong with the web app.
  9. Sprint Community: sprint web texter plus - Sprint Web Texter Plus is only compatible with Android 2.0 or
    higher. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
  10. Sprint Community: Web texter for reaching out to us. I will be happy to help you with obtaining our web
    texter! Please utilize the link below:

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