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  1. Sprint Web Texter and receive text messages from your computer with Sprint Web Texter
    powered by Zipwhip.
  2. Issues with loging into Sprint Web Texter - Sprint Community some reason I can't seem to log into the Sprint web texter plus App online. I
    know my user name and password are correct so it has to be.
  3. Web Texter Broken - Sprint Community, Sprint's web text application is broken and has been so for at least 2
    weeks with no indication of when it will be fixed. "they are.
  4. how can i use the web texter?? - Sprint Community help in using the web texter but I don't want to recive a text to the phone
    that I'm installing it?? Anyone plz help.
  5. Re: Web Texter Plus and Iphone 4s & 5 - Sprint Community, Thank you for reaching out to us and I apologize for the delay in
    response! Unfortunately the Web Texter isn't available on the Iphone.
  6. Web Texter Plus-Not able to log in - Sprint Community am not able to access my Web Texter Plus account anymore. I keep getting a
    login failed error message. I am logged into and when I go.
  7. Sprint Web Texter Not Working Posting Old Messages - Sprint ... 12, 2012 ... My Webtexter stopped working , thenn it posting old messages for today not it not
    working again. Whats going on.
  8. Web Texter Zipwhip problems - Sprint Community anyone else having trouble with web texter Zipwhip? I sent a question to
    Zipwhip support, but they do not respond. Sprint advises that Zipwhip.
  9. Web Texter Plus and Iphone 4s & 5 - Sprint Community I use Web Texter Plus on an Iphone 4s and Iphone 5?
  10. Web Texter - Sprint Community 9, 2013 ... Web texter allows you to send & receive sms messages to other people though
    our webpage, it's compatible with all phones. You're allowed to ...

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