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  1. Confirm your eligibility to receive a discount on your Sprint wireless account who request a discount based on their employer’s agreement with Sprint must provide proof-of-eligibility to receive the discount. Eligibility will be provided immediately.
  1. Sprint - Sprint Discount Request to the Sprint Discount Program. Sprint is ... Verify your eligibility to
    continue receiving current discounts (after receiving our request by text). Check
    the ...
  2. SPRINT DISCOUNT PROGRAM ELIGIBILITY VERIFICATION FORM and follow instructions there to lock in your discount. There is no
    need to fill out this form. STOP HERE. • Current statement of account issued ...
  3. FAQ related to the Sprint Discount Program a short video demonstrating Sprint's easy discount verification process.
    What is the ... What is required to participate in the Sprint Discount Program?
  4. Sprint - Sprint Discount Request any Sprint phone number associated with your account below to apply for a
    new discount, verify your eligibility to continue receiving current discounts ...
  5. Sprint Discount Program out if you are eligible for a Sprint Discount Program. Browse offers ... Sprint
    customers: Verify eligibility for the Sprint Discount Program here.In Sprint stores ...
  6. Sprint Discount Program Eligibility Verification and Service Agreement to upload proof of eligibility from your smartphone, tablet or
    ... and follow instructions there to lock in your discount.
  7. Sprint | Employer Discounts: Submit Email
  8. Sprint Solutions by Industry - Government Employee Discounts discounts for state and local government employees ... and verification
    that line is eligible for discount under your employer's service agreement with ...
  9. Picture Mail password messages are ... 11, 2012 ... The first message from reads: “Due to security
    concerns, please verify your sent password. Message password to ...
  10. Sprint | Discounts Program: Applying for discounts by fax or email a monthly service discount from Sprint is still easy! Simply submit the
    information requested below to help us verify your eligibility. Once we validate ...

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